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In early 2013, Wojciechowski released both a single (“Thank You Based God” b/w “Regulate”) and a full-length (Never Wanted To Be Cool), having recorded both in Austin, Texas. The latter kicks off with the title track’s brilliant but somehow-still-awkward discussion of grade school social structures, and continues with songs talking about some similar themes (“Middle School Dance”, “Meeting Girls”) as well as some more mature topics (“Franzia”, “Letter to Freud, DeSade, Everyone”), yet Wojciechowski always seems to inject his particular type of almost startling honesty and, er, youthful perspective into each and every track.

The Bay Bridged

I think consistently through the song..he just does not give a fuck. I really enjoy songs that can describe real life very clearly but in a way that's engaging. I like the honesty. I like the fact that he's talking about a moment from elementary school, which is not something you hear covered in pop music a lot--these moments from back in the day that are actual real moments. We all have these stories that have affected us really deeply that may seem mundane to other people. In his specificity of the details of the song, he actually speaks to a universal truth.

Ovrld Podcast: Carter and Robin Talk About Music Volume 10

Wojciechowski’s video is refreshing specifically because he’s not being ironic. He’s post-irony. He’s allowing himself the space to be whatever he likes, which is a folk singer from Austin who loves the rapper Lil B. To put it out there unabashed and unembarrassed would make the Based God proud.

Death & Taxes

Running the gamut from the serious to the irreverent, Never Wanted to Be Cool keeps the listener entertained and has a fresh take on the indie folk movement with some kicking punk rock roots.

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This album is certainly satisfying for anyone who always identified with the uncool kids and school and just didn’t give a shit about popularity...Wojciechowski opts for steady toleration and a sort of gritty enthusiasm about life. This album is his hand reaching out to those like him, who could care less about others’ expectations and would rather survive on their own, surrounded by friends and passions.

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Drew got an email from an extremely appreciative Lil B fan. "Lil B saved my life," the email said. It was written by a young man named Mike. It's pretty uplifting. So too is ... the six minute plus tribute song Mike wrote about Lil B, "Thank You Based God."

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Three songs featured in actor Stephen McNamee's web-series There Are No Second Takes In Life: Take 2--"Meeting Girls" in Episode 18, "Geneva's Song" in Episode 26 and "Middle School Dance" in Episode 27

There Are No Second Takes in Life

The album, a self described folk-punk permutation, is a collection of songs that are funny, clever and also intentionally share the singer’s vulnerabilities. Distinguishing himself from other musicians of this variety, Thick Red Wine reaches further back in life, with stories from childhood through adolescence and beyond...The album does a great job combining raw acoustics and throaty vocals with entertaining coming-of-age tales.